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Livadia's floorpalns

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Mr. Bob Atchison, any luck finding the livadia palace floorplans? It would be nice to know how it was inside the palace during the last tsar's reign. (I'm sorry if I seem to be rather impatient :-[) Thank you.

Margarita Markovna:
Oooooooooh, it would be awesome to see the floorplans!


--- Quote ---I thought I had one somewhere - I will look...
--- End quote ---

Any chance that you have found the floorplans?  
We would love to have you share them with us.


I have been waiting patiently to see if anyone would produce the Livadia Palace floorplans.
Any chance of getting one?
I tried to get the issue of Atlantis Monthly magazine that has an approximate draft of the floorplans, but they didn't answer and have now gone out of business.
I would dearly love to see these floorplans. Help, anyone!
Thanks (this is not meant to be a critical commentary) ;D ;D ;D

Does anyone have the floor plans of the Livadia Palace????  

On the website for Livadia there is a phone number but I do not speak Russian or I would have called it.

I have contacted several tour agents in the Ukrane but so far no luck.

I have searched  the web for months but no plans seem to be available.

Several people have said they do have a 'sketch' plan of the palace but so far no one has scanned  and posted.

I even contact Brian, plan master of Imperial Russia, but even he cannot find it so far.

Anyone else have any ideas??



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