Author Topic: Question about 1845, 1856, and 1900 changes to nobility acquisition  (Read 4697 times)

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I have identified an individual from the early 1800s who is very possibly a direct ancestor. This particular individual was promoted to Collegiate Assessor -- 8th rung in the Table of Ranks -- in 1825. My understanding is that until 1845, acquiring a position on this level bestowed hereditary nobility on the individual's family. Of course, later in the 1800s, the standard bar was raised, so that no positions below the 4th rank would give hereditary nobility to the holder's family.

I am curious, did the 1845 decree deprive Russian families of hereditary nobility if it had been earned by a forbear who rose to the 8th level of the Table of Ranks? Or did the 1845 decree mean that only the family members born after that year would not automatically have hereditary noble status? Or, might the 1845 decree have no effect on these particular families?

I think that this Collegiate Assessor may have been the father of my great-great grandfather, who definitely had either personal or hereditary nobility. I'm trying to piece together the puzzle here.

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