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Maria II of Portugal and her family

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These are Queen Maria II's children. I'd like to know about them and also about her two husbands, Auguste de beauharnais (1810-1835), whom she amrried the year he died, and Ferdinand (later Fernando II) of Saxe-Coburg-Koháry, Queen Victoria's first cousin (1816-1885). Their children were:

-Pedro V of Portugal (1837-1861), died a widower. He ahd married Stephanie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1837-1859). Did she ever miscarry or become pregnant? I know she was young but... They both died of tiphoid didn't they?
-Luis I (1838-1889), whose son and grandson were murdered in 1908.
-Joao Maria Fernano Pedro de Alcantara Miguel Raphael Gabriel Leopoldo Carlos Antonio Gregorio Francisco d'Assis Borja Gonzaga Felix (1842-1861), died the same year as his father the King. What of? What did he look like, and what was he like?
-Maria Anna (1843-1884), died aged 40 after giving birth to 8 children in 15 years.
-Antonia (1845-1913), mother of the future Ferdinand I of Romania.
-Fernao Maria Luiz Miguel Raphael Gabriel Gonzaga Francisco d'Assis Antonio Apollinario (1846-1861) also died in 1861! What of?
-Augusto (1847-1889) died unmarried.
Any info at all on this not very happy family? Pics?

Thanks D~

Maria's first husband was Augustus Charles Eugene Napoleon de Beauharnais (1810-1835). He was the eldest son of Eugene de Beauharnais, Duke of Leuchtenberg (adopted and step-son of Napoleon), and Princess Augusta Amalia of Bavaria.  Augustus sister, Amelie Auguste, was the stepmother of Maria, having married Maria's father, Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil, in 1829. I remember reading somewhere that Augustus got sick either on his way to Portugal or shortly after arriving there. His death was a cruel blow to Maria, as I believe she was very much in love with him. His death was also a bitter disappointment to the de Beauharnais clan.

Maria's second husband was Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Kohary (1816-1885), son of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg (who was uncle to both QV and Albert) and his wife the very rich Hungarian Princess Antonia Kohary.  Maria married Ferdinand in 1836, after having been widowed at age 16 the previous year. Queen Victoria and Albert from this point on maintained close relations with the Portuguese Royal Family. Unlike his cousin Albert, who was only made a Prince Consort, Ferdinand was made titular King of Portugal, reigning with his wife as Ferdinand II.  After Maria II died in childbirth in 1853, Ferdinand was later married to an Elizabeth Hensler (in 1869).

As for Maria's children:

Peter V and Stephanie: I've heard of no pregnancies of this couple, Peter I know died of typhoid, I'm not sure of Stephanie. Both died so young, Peter in 1861 and Stephanie in 1859.

Louis, succeeded his brother and married Maria Pia of Italy (dau. of Victor E. II), they had two sons:   Charles, who along with his eldest son Louis Philip were assassinated in 1908; and Alfonso, who married a Nevada Hayes (an American, I think).

John, Duke of  Beja  1842-1861, I believe he also died of typhoid.

Mary Anne married King George of Saxony and had a large family.

Antonia married Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Among her descendants are King Ferdinand of Roumania and his brood. She had another son, William, who was the father of Augusta Victoria of Hohenzollern who married the last and exiled king of Portugal, Emanuel II. They remained childless and Emanuel died fairly young in England.

Ferdinand 1846-1861. He would have only been 15 at his death.  I'm not sure, but I believe I've read that there was a typhoid epedemic in Portugal, and this son may have also been a victim. I remember reading that these deaths were one of the blows that contributed to the death of Prince Albert in 1861.

Augustus, Duke of Coimbra 1847-1889. I have no information on this son.

Hardly a stable dynasty.

Was not Dom Miguel I the first husband of Dona Maria II? I do not think the marriage was ever consumated because of her young age but they were married if for only a short time. I assume that this marriage was annulled after her father Dom Pedro I of Brazil won the Civil War against her husband-uncle.


I do remember that marriage between Maria II and Dom Miguel was at one time considered, but I thought it had never went through.


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