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From birth,weight, hight, Books, his sisters,trains. Anything and everything on him to complie in this topic.
Favorite, jews, flowers,places to be at (i.e. Alexander palace).
Please alix


--- Quote ---Favorite, jews, flowers
--- End quote ---
jewels perhaps?

I believe a favourite book was King Solomon's Mines.

thats what i meant.

I'm just now starting to learn about him so here is all I know-
Birthday- August 12, 1904. 1:15 p.m
Weight- 10 1/2
His favorite place to be was probably Stavka.
His favorite playmate when he was younger was Anastasia, but in the Ipatiev House, he was always with Olga.
His favorite Faberge egg was the Trans-Siberian Railway Egg. (I think this is correct..)
He liked to play with his toy soldiers.
He had light brown hair with a glint of copper light his mother. And dark blue eyes.
Thats all i know right now!


--- Quote ---Weight- 8 pounds exactly

--- End quote ---

Alexei was actually around 10 1/2lbs.


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