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I don't know if it was his absolute favourite, but, yes, he liked it very much. I am sure I have read that one of his tutors said that, and his own copy of the book is still around.


--- Quote ---
Alexei was actually around 10 1/2lbs.

--- End quote ---

If only I could be that weight again! I've gotten a little more plump on the cruise. Speaking of food, were Alexei & his sisters denied second helpings of food, like Nicholas was?


--- Quote ---Was his favorite book really King Solomon's mines????
--- End quote ---

Hmm, I never heard this, but it makes me want to read it a lot!

Game he used to play : 'Nain Jaune'.

Probably best place he loved was Stavka.

He dank coffee, cat : Zubrovka, dogs : Joy, Shot.

Heard he enjoyed reading adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Languages he learned: French, English and of course Russian.

Hated pains, any kind of. Was born on Friday, Lower Dacha, Peterhof. July 30/August 12 1904.

Forgot to add - playing with kopeiks, toy - soldiers, hide and seek, balalaika, sometimes was lazy for writing or learning.

Didn't love to study, loved teasing with friends, Counts, soldiers, loved to be 'the Chief'. But he caused sympathies at people he met, according to Count Voeikov, loved to help anyone who had pains.


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