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What a mischievous little boy! Though he did grow up during his stay at Stavka. He was very grown up when Pierre Gilliard told him of Nicholas's abdictation - he didn't cry, like OTMA did, or even mension himself.


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Any of the above would have been highly attractive candidates because they came out of hemophilia free marriages which by the 1920s would have been pretty obvious I would have thought!

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Who knows if he wouldn't have choose a russian girl for marrying for love. We know, that this was nearly impossible according to the law and the profound aversion of the IF to morganatic marriages, but times always changes and remember his parents (esp. his mother) which were absolutely devoted to him and the possibility of his own froward head. Who knows if he wouldn't have said: "This one and no other." He was not the well-behaved child like his sisters and much more was him allowed to do. And everything was addicted to him.

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in fact it was the same think his father did , he said "Alix or nobody else"


--- Quote from: Kalafrana on June 01, 2010, 04:39:33 AM ---How old was Alexei at the time of the alleged hair-cutting incident?

My brother when aged about four cut a chunk out of his front hair and there was a gap at that point for years after.

If the story of his cutting Mr Gibbes's hair is true then Alexei was even more spoilt and undisciplined than I realised!


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don't forget that male kids are always protected by mother, more if you are ill and the only boy in your family destinated to throne you can easily understand that , even if Alexej had perhaps good heart, he felt that he would  be always proteced whatever he did and he was also a ltìittle ungry for his illness.

I have a younger brother who was asthmatic and also spoilt rotten!



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