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--- Quote ---Dolgorukies had other estate before the revolution -
Miskhor .
It was the famous Naval Hospital during and after the WWII. My grand grand father lived in the palace and worked in the Hospital at the end of 40ths.
--- End quote ---

It is interesting that you mention MISKHOR.
I was reading IN THE MARBLE PALACE and Prince Gavril Konstantinovich mentions staying there on several occasions.
I had never heard of this estate before and assumed it belonged to the family.  I wonder if they bought it from the Dolgorukaya's or if it was own by the Crown and just loaned to the Konstantiovichs.  
Does you or anyone have more of the history of Miskhor?

Hi BobG,

See the topic Dullber. It is the same palace
in Miskhor (near Alupka).

I have just been reading First to Go Back by Princess Irina Skariantina and she has a reference to Mishkor:

    "Leaving Alupka, we passed through Mishor. "Over there," said our driver, pointing to the park, "is the palace built for Alexander III. One day when he was driving along this road he said to one of his ministers who was with him, ‘What a lovely spot. I should like to have a house out there.’ The minister took it as a command and unknown to the Tsar had the palace built. Three years later when it was completed the minister was driving by the same place with Alexander, and called his attention to it, hoping it would come as a pleasant surprise. But the Tsar had forgotten his desire, or that he had ever expressed the wish, and scarcely noticing it, remarked: ‘What is that ugly place?' "
     I had never heard that story in all my life, but Vic chuckled over it and was very much amused."

She refers to passing by Ai-Toldor, Haraks, and Dulber before Alupka and it seems they are different estates.

Can anyone help clarify and does anyone have more information and/ or pictures of Mishkor?

Bob G

Sanatorium "Dulber" is situated at the center of resort Mishor, directly on the sea-coast.

Dulber or Miskhor, it is the same palace.

Hey , At the present, in the resort's village Miskhor
( after Oreanda go Gaspra , Koreiz and Miskhor)
there are 3 palaces :
1) Sanatorium " Miskhor"
2) Sanatorium "Dyulber"
3) Former Yusupov palace

I just would like to say that there is not only "Dyulber" in Miskhor.

Before the war there were  villa called "Nyura " where Gorky liked to stay.

There are two famous statues there on the beach:
one is "mermaid" and one is  " Girl Arzy and robber Ali-baba"


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