Author Topic: Info wanted ""Count Nazarov Vladivostok  (Read 2061 times)

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Info wanted ""Count Nazarov Vladivostok
« on: July 06, 2005, 07:35:30 AM »
I found this site by accident and have been watching with some interest, this is my first post.

My grandfather was called Nazarij  Nazarov and grandmother was called  Natalija Nazarova  they lived in Vladivostok.
They had 7 children my mother was the 2nd youngest and was 2  years old when the familly had to flee the familly home to avoid being killed during the revolution, they lost all land, property and all valubles. They had to hide in Vladivostok and stay silent!

I was told by my mother and her younger sister that my grandfather was a Count, he died before the 2nd world war. My grandmother died in 1970's (she was 16 years old when she married he was 46 years old)  ;)

I do not see his name in the list of counts on this site, but I have no reason to doubt my familys claim.

My mother when 18 met my Dad in Vladivostok they moved to Latvia, I was born there under USSR rule, I have a non-citizen passport of Latvia but of course I am Russian and proud of it. I now live in the UK and my mother is still in Latvia. We have only just found a phone number to be able to contact my mothers younger sister (in Vladivostok) the first time she spoke with my mother (on holiday in UK with us) was a "river of tears" neither could talk to each other, after all 50 odd years without any contact at all is a long time.

Nazarij Nazarov we believe also was into mining etc and we believe he discovered and owned a gold mine named after his wife and called it ''Natalinskie shahti'' (I think thats the correct way to write it in English) Natalija's shaft/mine,  we think this was on a island either Sakhalin or Kamchatka penninsula.

I am looking for any information about the Nazarov family anyone who new them or worked for them, and any tips to start my search.

Best Regards