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Re: Melusine
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The Melusine

 It was due to de Bouillon - a descendant of Jesus Christ, King David, and the historical figure of Lohengrin - that the Templars adopted the Cross of Lorraine as their esoteric emblem.

Stranger still, why would a family putatively descended from Christ and King David so publicly include in their family tree

Yet the members of this family (the Grail family) are no strangers to the adroit implementation of symbolism.  For us, this suggests that the Merovingians were consciously trying to keep alive an esoteric tradition - one which holds great secrets relating to the true nature of their sacred bloodline.

The Merovingians are not descended from Jesus Christ or King David. They wish they were but they are not.

The Merovingians are not the Grail family.

As far as I know de Bouillon was not a Merovingian. If anyone thinks he was, please let me know.

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Re: Melusine
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En 1214, Geoffroy de Lusignan rendit hommage à l’abbaye de Nouaiflé. n avait épousé avant 1200 (probablement vers 1185) Eustache CHASOT, dame de Vouvent de Mentent, fille de Thibault II et de Margue. rite Louet (Gén. Chahut). Ce serait elle qui aurait été la fée Melusine du roman de Jean d’Arras et aurait eu 9 enfant, qui toue auraient affligés d’uns marque monstrueuse en raison leur étrange origine

In 1214 Geoffroy de Lusignan paid hommage to Abbey de Nouaifle. N had married before 1200 probably around 1185 Chasot Eustache ,lady Vouvent of Mentent, daughter of Thibault and Margot II rite Louet (Gen.Chahut) It is She who would have have been the fairy Melusine  in the Novel by John Arras and had nine children each would have been branded with this peculiarity monstrous strange. I thought this interesting posted by Veu-1 in fact all the postings were very interesting. would any of you mind sharing your sources?