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11/24 July St Olga

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For those of you in the US, today the 24 July is GD Olga's Name Day. (For those of us on the other side of the date line it was yesterday - been and gone). For any Olgas out there, God grant you many years and also many returns of your Name Day!

The Name Day (in Russian Angel Day) is the day the Saint an Orthodox Christian is named for is celebrated and as it is the day of one's Heavenly intercessor is seen as more important than one's Earthly birthday. Holy Equal-to-the Apostles St Olga pray to God for us!
Holy Royal Martyr St Olga pray to God for us!

Margarita Markovna:
Happy name day, Olishka. Wasn't that one of the days that she would get a jewel for her necklace that was completed when she turned 16?

I think they only got jewels on their birthdays. Did Anastasia get to finish her necklace?

Margarita Markovna:
Nastya never finished her necklace.

Yes, she did.  They got the pearls on their namesdays and birthdays.  She turned 16 in June and I'm sure they still gave her that last pearl.


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