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Countess Irina Sheremeteva (Bebe,daughter of Felix) and her descendants

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catarina pinto:
What happened to Felix Yossupov's only daughter?
Why didn't she live with her parents?

Do you know any reason why Felix and Irina didn't have more chidren?

Irina Felixovna Yussoupov.... Good question. She was raised by Princess Yussoupova, Felix Mother...

Bebé, was born on March 8, 1915. After the Yussupovs fled Russia she stayed with her grandparents in Italy, until her grandfather had a stroke. She didn't have a very normal or stable childhood. Felix and Irina loved her but I don't think they knew exactly how to deal with her, after all they hadn't even been raised by their parents. She married Nicholas Sheremetiev in 1938. I think I read that he was divorced with two children, but I can't recall (hope I'm not wrong :-/). She died in 1983.

Bebe also only had one child, Xenia Sheremetievna Sfiris, who in turn only had one child, Tatiana Sfiris. As to why Felix and Irina only had one child, it may have been due to financial circumstances, or it may have been due to Felix's sexuality - who knows?

sandy evans:
Who is the last Yussoupov descendant today? I heard Tatiana had a daughter, Xenia, in 1968 and that Xenia was married in 1996. But I have not heard of an heir! Please tell me the ancient family line is not about to die out!


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