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Re: Balkan Nobility & Aristocracy
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Are there other forums where I can inform myself about the aristocracy of Central, Eastern and Balkanic Europe? I'm particularly interested in its heraldry, since I myself am an heraldist.

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Re: Balkan Nobility & Aristocracy
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Elizabeth Bathory was one messed up lady!

Who thinks that she and Vlad the Impaler would have made a great couple?
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Re: Balkan Nobility & Aristocracy
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Alexander Cuza united the Principalities of Walachia & Moldavia, creating the nucleus of modern Romania. After he was driven out, the Hohenzollerns gained the throne.

Cuza sort of vanishes of the radar after that. I can find almost nothing of his fate in the English speaking web. Does anyone know what happened to him? Did he leave any descendants?

Prince Alexander Cuza died in Heidelberg Germany 15.May 1873. He was married with Elena Rosetti-Solescu. He had no legitime children, but adopted two boys, in fact his illegitime sons Alexandre and Dimitru.
Alexandre married  in 1889 Marie Mourousi, and he died dsp in Madrid, Spain 1890.
Dimitiu died unmarried 1888.