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Okay, being a big jewellery geek, I am always looking for more info/pics on jewels of any type, provenence or description.
Can anyone enlighten me on the marvelous world of French royal jewels?

Well, the most famous French jewels I can think of come from the famous Diamond Necklace Affair. Perhaps someone can find a pic of the necklace?

The Marie Antoinette's necklace is a recreation...

My photos of the jewels in the Louvre:
Évrard BAPST, Frédéric BAPST, duchesse d'Angoulême's Tiara
1819 - 1820

idem, necklace; Paul-Nicolas MENIÈRE Évrard BAPST,
Frédéric BAPST,duchesse d'Angoulème's bracelets 1816 et 1825 ; Augustin DUFLOS, Claude RONDÉ, Louis XV's crown 1722

Queen Marie -Amélie set, coming from Queen Horthense de Beauharnais, re-buy in 1821 by King Louis Philippe for his wife.

Gabriel LEMONNIER, Empress Eugébie crown, 1855 (executed for "l'Exposition Universelle" of 1855); idem, Empres Eugénie tiara 1853

Beautiful pics, Lisa.


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