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    Epithaf for Kings by S. Gormant, so sorry about the spelling is a excellent book I remember reading many years ago, I loaned the book to a mate who never returned it  :( It is about the french monarchy - the reigns of Louis XV  and  Louis XV1 and Revolution, and the scandals of the French court, I am still looking for another copy in Australia. Regards Steve

At the moment I am reading a wonderful book called "Marie Antoinette:The Journey",by Antonia Fraser.

I've read that too - superb!

My recommendations:

Madame de Campan's memoirs are a must-read for anyone interested in Marie Antoinette.   Her book is not always easy to find, but it is well worth tracking down.   It has been published under different titles, I think.  My copy is titled "The Private Life of Marie Antoinette."

For the Empress Josephine, the Memoirs of Madame de Remusat are fascinating, as are the Memoirs of Madame Junot.  The novels of Marjorie Coryn, which are long out of print, unfortunately, are excellent.

If anyone wants to read about my favorite member of the French royal family, La Grande Mademoiselle, I would recommend her Memoirs, as well as Vita Sackville-West's biography, "Daughter of France."  

For information about the Affair of the Poisons during the reign of Louis XIV, Frances Mossiker's book is good.  I believe that Mossiker also wrote a book about the diamond necklace brouhaha that Marie Antoinette suffered through.    

If you are interested in the legend of the Ghosts of Versailles, Lucille Iremonger wrote a book about the incident.  Iremonger tends to dither about, but the book is still a good read.

Hope this helps....


    "Memoirs" Madame De La Tour Du Pin

      "Empress Innocence" M.E. Ravage

        "Marie Antionette"  Philippe Huisman & Mme. M. Jallut

         "Eugenie & Napoleon III" David Duff


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