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Was Olga the one who hated her nose?


Was wondering was it Olga who hated her nose?  I read somewhere that Olga hated her nose?

I don't know about hated but she'd jokingly call it "my humble snub" as it was up-turned and a little on the short side.  She definitely inherited her father's nose!

imperial angel:
I don't think that she hated her nose, just that she liked to joke about it. It was one of her outstanding features, at least to her. Can't most people relate? I mean that some people have a feature they like to joke about, don't they? ;)

Most of us have a physical characteristic we'd like to modify. For Olga, it was her nose, which was much like her father's nose. And I guess we all remember reading that Nicholas disliked his profile, correct? For he felt it was too much like that of one of his more unfortunate ancestors. Olga's profile was not as elegant as, say, Tatiana's, but she had a winsome quality which Tatiana did not have. And that is, I think, what we all need to remember . . . the ying and yang of of Mother Nature . . . . or, if you will, the metaphor that each of us is dealt a different set of cards, and it's what we do with them that counts!

P.S. You'll recall that Princess Diana also objected to her "conk." But in my opinion it was her rather prominent, slightly asymmetrical nose that gave her otherwise candybox facial features a real distinction. Sort of a blessing in disguise, I'd say!


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