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Re: Queens of France
« Reply #135 on: July 25, 2011, 10:12:51 AM »
Anne of Kiev (or Anna Yaroslavna) (between 1024 and 1032–1075) was the queen consort of France as the second wife of Henry I, and regent for her son Philip I.

Her parents were Yaroslav I the Wise and princess Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden.

After the death of his first wife, Matilda, King Henry searched the courts of Europe for a suitable bride, but could not locate a princess who was not related to him within illegal degrees of kinship. At last he sent an embassy to distant Kiev, which returned with Anne (also called Agnes). Anne and Henry were married at the cathedral of Reims on 19 May 1051.

Anne is credited with bringing the name Philip to Western Europe. She imported this Greek name (Philippos, from philos and hippos, meaning "the one that love horses") from her Eastern Orthodox culture.
Young Queen immediately proved to be a visionary and energetic statesman. On the French documents of the time, along with the signatures of her husband, and found the Cyrillic 'Anna Rina "(Queen Anne). The pope, Nicholas II, surprised remarkable political talents of Anne wrote in her letter:
"Hearing about your virtues, a delightful woman who came to our ears, and with great joy, we hear that you are doing in this very Christian state their royal duties with commendable zeal and remarkable intelligence."
For six years after Henry's death in 1060, she served as regent for Philip, who was only eight at the time. She was the first queen of France to serve as regent. Her co-regent was Count Baldwin V of Flanders. Anne was a literate woman, rare for the time, but there was some opposition to her as regent on the grounds that her mastery of French was less than fluent.
Anna moved into the castle Senlis, 40 km from Paris. Here it was established and a convent and church.
A year after the king's death, Anne, acting as regent, took a passionate fancy for Count Ralph III of Valois, a man whose political ambition encouraged him to repudiate his wife to marry Anne in 1062. Accused of adultery, Ralph's wife appealed to Pope Alexander II, who excommunicated the couple. The young king Philip forgave his mother, which was just as well, since he was to find himself in a very similar predicament in the 1090s. Ralph died in September 1074, at which time Anne returned to the French court. She died in 1075, was buried at Villiers Abbey, La-Ferte-Alais, Essonne and her obits were celebrated on 5 September.
Anna and Henry I had four children:
Philip I (23 May 1052 – 30 July 1108)
Emma (born 1054, date of death unknown)
Robert (c. 1055 – c. 1060)
Hugh the Great (1057–1102)

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Re: Queens of France
« Reply #136 on: October 29, 2011, 06:46:14 AM »
Merovingian queens : wife of Childeric I° : Basine
wifes of Clovis I° : N ? and in 493 Clotilde from Burgundia (470+545)
wifes of Theodoric I° (Thierry I°) : Eusteria, daughter of king of the Visigots
                                                    Suavegotta, d. of the king of Burgundia
wifes of Theodebert I° (Thibert I°) : Wisigarde, d. of king of Lombardia
                                                     in 534 Deoteria
wife of Theodebald  : in 552 Vuldetrade
wife of Clodomir : Gundiuque
wife of Childebert I° : Ultrogothe
wifes of Clotaire I° : Ingonde
                              Aregonde (or Haregonde) (+575), sister of Ingonde
                              Grinside (or Chunsene)
                              in 538 Ste Radegonde (519+587), daughter of a king in Thuringia
                               Gundiuque (or Gondiuque), widow of his brother Clodomir
                               Vuldetrade (or Waldrade), widow of his great nephew Theodebald
wifes of Caribert : Ingerberge
wifes of Gontran : Venerande
                            in 566 Austregilde (or Austrechilde)
Wife of Sigebert I° : in 566 Brunehaut, d of the king of the Visigots (534+613/614)
wifes of Chilperic I° : Audovere (+580/581), div. in 565
                                in 566, Galswinthe (+568), sister of Brunehaut
                                Fredegonde (543+597)
more to see

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Re: Queens of France
« Reply #137 on: January 30, 2012, 11:41:14 AM »
wife of Childebert II (570+595) ~ Faileube
wifes of Clotaire II ((584+629) ~ Haldetrude (+604), Bertrude (+620), Sichilde
wifes of Theodebert II (586+612) ~ Bilichilde (+609), ~609, Teudechilde
wife of Thierry II (587+613) ~606, Ermenberge, daughter of the king of the Visigots
wifes of Dagobert I° (604+639) ~626, Gonatrude (sister of Sichilde, his step-mother), ~630 Nantechilde, ~ Ragnetrude,~ Ulfgonde, ~ Bertilde
wife of Clovis II (635+657), ~ Bathilde (+680)
wife of Sigebert III (631+656), ~ Himnechilde
wife of Childéric II (653+675), ~ Bilichilde (+673), his cousin, daughter of Sigebert III
wife of Thierry III (654+691), ~Crotilde
wife of Dagobert II (652+679), ~ Mathilde
wife of Childéric III (+755), the last merovingian king, ~ Gisèle 

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Re: Queens of France
« Reply #138 on: June 08, 2012, 02:37:08 PM »
Carolingian queens
wife of Pepin Ist : Bertrade of Laon (726+783), (Berthe au Grand Pied)
wifes of CHarles Ist : (1) Himiltrude, (2) in 770 Désirée of Lombardy (rep 773), (3) in 771 Hildegarde (758+783), (4) in 783 Fastrade (+794), (5) in 795 Luitgarde (+800)
wifes of Louis Ist : (1) in 794 Ermengarde (+818), (2) in 819 Judith of Bavaria ((800+843)
wifes of Charles II : (1) in 842 Irmtrude of Orleans (+869), (2) in 870 Richeut of Provence (+877 or 910?)
wifes of Louis II : (1) in 862 ansgarde (+af 875) (rep 878), (2) in 878 Adelaïde of Paris (+901)
wife of Charles III the Fat : in 862 Richarde
wife of Charles III : (1) in 907 Frerone (+917), (2) in 919 Edvige of Wessex (896+951)
wife of Louis IV : in 939 Gerberge of Saxony ((913+984)
wife of Lothaire Ist : in 966 Emma of Italy (+988)
wife of Louis V : in 982 Adelaïde of Anjou (+1013)