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Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna, Duchess of Edinburgh and Coburg

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I have read, that Marie Alexandrovna promoted the engagement and marriage of her eldest daugther, Marie, to Ferdinand of Roumania. Her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh prefered too see her betrothed to her cousin George, son of the Prince of Wales. But the mother said that  " NO DAUGHTER OF HERS WOULD MARRY AN ENGLISH PRINCE IF SHE COULD HELP IT.

She was herself married with an english prince, her children were half english, even if she had always been homesick for Russia, did she really prefere her daugther to be Queen of Roumania, than Queen of England??

I belive that George hoped to marry Marie, and that he spoke to her parents, obviously he was refused.

This prohibition about english princes, was only relating to George because in Russia marriages between first cousins were forbidden, or concerned all the Princes??

¿Was she so unhappy in England?

Perhaps this story is not true, but only a legend?

DG Maria of Russia was very unhappy in England, mainly because she never got along with  Queen Victoria. Also, her marriage was not a happy one, that's why she did not want any of her daughters to marry an English Prince.She was happier when her hunsband became GD os Coburg.Amelia

Poor Marie really didn't like anything English, did she? The food was bland, she didn't like her home - Clarence House - the Queen's company was oppressive, the late nights were tiring, her husband was a philanderer and her sisters-in-law were not happy about her insisting on retaining her Imperial status....

Bit of a bad show all in all...

And so what did she do? Married her daughter off to the heir to the Roumanian throne and in Roumania Missy found....

the company tedious, her Queen oppressive, her husband was a bit of a philanderer etc. etc. etc. Out of the frying pan into the fire!


Did Marie (daughter) loved George?? i belive that George was very Close to Edimburgh cousins.

If she did, i wonder why her father, the Duke, didn´t imposed his oppinion , he was agree with the posibility of the marriage¡¡¡

About Marie Alexandrovna obviously , she wished to be for ever "Her Imperial Higness", and didn´t try to adopt her husband country, as her mother, Marie of Hesse, and many others royal relatives did.

George (10 years older than Missy) adored her - to Missy, George was her 'beloved chum'.

Marie Alexandrovna hated it in England - she hated the Princess of Wales, daughter of the measly king of Denmark, outranked her, a Russian Grand Duchess!

And I think Missy flourished in Romania - she like it there (at least after Carol I died) and her theatrical instincts served her well!


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