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Re: Tracing the family tree
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I am facing a similar research problem: There are a lot of Stewarts and I know nothing about Scotland.

In relation to the real Stewarts (the ones with the titles, castles, responsibilities, history, straight line of descent, etc), who was Duncan Stewart b. 1530 at Glenagle, Scotland?

He had a son Andrew born 1560 at Perth, Perthshire.

Andrew had a son William born at Balguhidder, Perthshire, who married Barbara Menzius, daughter of Duncan Menzius, son of Robert Sir James Menzius, who married Barbara Stewart daughter of John Stewart from Perth, Perthshire.

I suspect my cousins' research might be erroneous, because, It just sounds too complete and ellaborate, still, I am really curious about this family--are there any pedigree rolls which would clearly show how all the Stewarts are related from so far back?

Thank you.
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Re: Tracing the family tree
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Hmm.  I see.  My cousin has traced my family into a peerage roll.  I do not know what to say, other than, I regret any impact my post may have had in quashing the thread.  That was not my intention.

We should address the origanol poster's origanol concerns.

Once one has eclipsed all American records, other than Ships' Lists respecting persons of Quality, how can one find their proper place of origin, and family line, as recorded by the Extracted Court Records of the United Kingdom?

As to the origanol poster's specific predicament of just begining, I have no advice, except, if you can correctly trace your family in the US Census--Big Brother has been watching, since the beggining.  The great and grave difficulty is not tracing name to name (in generations), but place name to place name (every 200 years, or 20 as is often the case.)

Ask your husband and other Stewart kin.  Someone in the family probably already did it, a long time ago.

How did our ancestors do genealogy before the internet?  Assuming the genealogy fell outside of the Living Memory?

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Tracing the family tree
« Reply #17 on: November 06, 2019, 10:50:58 PM »
My in-law family is just like this.  Honestly its nice to have an open minded family.  My wife and I bought a bidet for our toilet best thing ever and our in-laws were surprisingly obsessed.  They bought one after visiting, and now the whole family relies on them.

I think its normal among goofy families.  Nothing wrong with it, so long as its not the topic at Koto Japanese Steakhouse during the hibachi performance

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