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 I will be spending two days in Livadia/Sevastopol early September, and thanks to this forum I’ve been able to gather much information about the Royal Palaces in the area. Now I need to whittle down my list and I’m hoping that someone who has been in the area in the last year or two will be able to help me out.


As I will also be visiting Chekov’s house and the Cathedral in Yalta, the Khan’s Palace near Sevastopol, and the Resurrection church in Foros it’s going to be a very busy two days. Would welcome suggestions about the palaces... after Livadia, which two would you consider the most important to visit?

I will have an English speaking private guide who will arrange all the entrances ahead of time; he said in an email that he would try to arrange entry to the Yusupov Palace as well.

Thanks in advance for your help~


I went to the Ukraine last summer and spent just under a week in Yalta. It's true to say that you're bound to get around better if you can speak some Russian, and although I was a little wary of walking around the streets at night, I didn't really feel threatened at any time.

Whilst there, I went to Livadia (twice!) and Massandra - they are so incredibly beautiful! I took loads of pictures and am dying to go back!!

Trip of a life time!!!

I wonder if someone could help me. My husband and I would like to go on a cruise to visit the Crimea. The only company I found that has a cruise, from Kiev to Odessa is Imperial Cruises. Does anyone know this company? I called Grand Circle Travels, and I was told that Russian ships can not sail in Ukraine due to government regulations. The Imperial Cruise seems to be the only one that does these cruises. I would like some information before we book. Any information will be very appreciated.



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