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Your trips to the Crimea - opinions/questions/help

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Incredible! I've been to Ukraine 3 times and nothing like this ever happened to me. I never went down to Crimea, though. My wife is a Ukrainian national who speaks the language with no accent. Might that offer some protection from things like this? Please advise. Thanks.

Jim Wilhelm
Albuquerque, NM USA

Thanks for the advice. I don't think I'll be going there in a hurry now.

Stories like this make me kind of hesitant of travelling to Eastern Europe and Russia :(

I'd love to see Russia one day but I prefer travelling individually or with a few over joining big tour groups and apparently Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe aren't really the places to make such trips. Especially seeing I know no Russian at all.

I have heard that going to the Ukraine is unsafe.  Is this really true?  I understand the police situation as I just returned from Indonesia and the police try the same things.  I am more worried about crime such as robberies, etc.  Is Kiev and the Yalta penninsula ok for Westerners.  I agree not to dress like a tourist but its easy to spot an American regardless of what they are wearing

I always thought it was a total disaster the Crimea being handed to the new nation of the UKraine. The vast majority of people living there are in fact Russian.


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