Author Topic: Should the House of Savoy be restored!!!  (Read 16832 times)

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Re: Should the House of Savoy be restored!!!
« Reply #30 on: December 05, 2005, 01:39:52 PM »

Firstly the Italian does not say "ex Re e ex Regine di Casa Savoia....".  It says "Agli ex re di casa Savoia, alle loro consorti e ai loro discendenti maschi sono vietati l'ingresso e il soggiorno nel territorio nazionale".

I do not dispute how this statement has been applied.  Clearly the Aostas have been allowed to live in Italy.

I also readily admit that this statement can be interpreted in different ways - and this is in fact probably intentional on the part of the framers of the law.  Lawyers write things so that they can debate them later.

The interpretation offered by Gleb (which is the way the law was applied) is not the only one.  When speaking about this matter in 1997 Prime Minister Romano Prodi said, "Va notato che questi due commi vengono interpretati, in genere, assai restrittivamente".  But that clearly isn't the only way they could have been interpreted.

Prodi goes on to say that it is the "common opinion" (è opinione comune che il primo comma riguardi solo i membri della famiglia dell'ex re Vittorio Emanuele III e i loro discendenti (e non anche i rami collaterali, come quello di Aosta) e che il secondo riguardi, quanto ai discendenti maschi, solo quelli in linea maschile (e non anche, ad esempio, i figli maschi delle figlie dell'ex re Umberto II).

The Italian Republic has interpreted the law to its advantage and indeed differently at different times.  That is what enabled Queen Maria José to visit Italy.  In 1987 the Council of State decided that a widow was not a "consorte".

The law was interpreted for many years in a restrictive sense because such was to the advantage of the Italian Republic.  If the Republic had felt in any way threatened by the Aostas or by the Calvi di Bergolo family, then you can bet that the interpretation would have changed.

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The Calvi de Bergolo family would not have rights to the throne, as women could not inherit.  
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Re: Should the House of Savoy be restored!!!
« Reply #31 on: September 28, 2009, 08:20:40 AM »
as much as i DOOO love the all for the Two Sicilies reallyyyyyyy =\


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Re: Should the House of Savoy be restored!!!
« Reply #32 on: November 10, 2009, 09:09:21 AM »
Not much hope  of a monarchy with a Pope ruling in Rome . The Savoy didn't have long to establish themselves in Italian hearts ... just over 70 years.


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Re: Should the House of Savoy be restored!!!
« Reply #33 on: January 25, 2010, 09:15:03 AM »
A monarchic restoration in Italy would require a constitutional amendment as Art. 139 of the Italian Republic's Constitution says: "La forma repubblicana non può essere oggetto di revisione costituzionale" ("The republican form of government cannot be reviewed").
So, in order to restore monarchy in Italy, Parliament should vote a constitutional amendment to reapeal Art. 139 and then people should vote an institutional referendum like in 1946 choosing between monarchy or republic again.
But Art. 138 of the Italian Republic's Constitution says: "Le leggi di revisione della Costituzione e le altre leggi costituzionali sono adottate da ciascuna Camera con due successive deliberazioni ad intervallo non minore di tre mesi, e sono approvate a maggioranza assoluta dei componenti di ciascuna Camera nella seconda votazione. Le leggi stesse sono sottoposte a referendum popolare quando, entro tre mesi dalla loro pubblicazione, ne facciano domanda un quinto dei membri di una Camera o cinquecentomila elettori o cinque Consigli regionali. La legge sottoposta a referendum non è promulgata, se non è approvata dalla maggioranza dei voti validi. Non si fa luogo a referendum se la legge è stata approvata nella seconda votazione da ciascuna delle Camere a maggioranza di due terzi dei suoi componenti." (in short: constitutional amendments require two readings in each House of Parliament - and the second reading has to be set at least 3 months after the first one - with 75% of favorable votes by delegates, ; otherwise a pupular referendum is needed in order to approve each amendment; if the amendment's approved by people, then the institutional referendum can be set).
As you can see, modifying Italian Consititution is very very difficult and it needs a huge amount of time. For istance, in 2006 Parliament voted a Constitutional Reform (it was set to make Italy a federal republic, to reduce MPs amount and to give more power to PM) after a debate wich lasted a whole year!!! And as if that wasn't enough, as it got only 51% of favorable votes by delegates, after two months it was set a popular referendum wich rejected said Reform!!

Besides, republican propaganda is still effective after almost seventy years. It's difficult finding an equilibrate History book about House of Savoy; you know, in order to discredit the Royal House, republican (and, above all, communist) historians even despise Italian Unification (Risorgimento) because it was made by House of Savoy, and some of them even exalt pre-Unitarian Italian States such as Two-Sicilies Kingdom or foreign occupiers like Austrians...While historians who write good about House of Savoy are unfairly accused of being fascists or reactionarys by republican/communist historians.
Unfortunately many people think bad about House of Savoy just because they've been misinformed for all these years. I don't think monarchy will ever be restored in Italy, too many people unfairly hates Hause of Savoy to wanting it back. Republicans/communists don't even let V.E.III and Umb.II's bones be buried in Italy in spite of former Italian Republic's President Alessandro Pertini and other political personalities asked for that since '80s.
Recently Prince Emanuele Filiberto (Prince Vittorio Emanuele's son), however, managed to endear Italian people thanks to his new TV career, but his father is still considered a deeply controversial man. As for Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta, people don't usually think anything about him simply because many Italians almost don't know about his existence!!
I dare say House of Savoy members aren't monarchist at all...they're doing almost nothing to take Italy's throne back.

However there are some monarchist movements in Italy wich are trying to restore House of Savoy since 1946 using Politic; they're fighting to make Art.139 repealed as they say it deprives people of their freedom. But they're nothing but little groups people, and they've been de facto excluded by Parliament since '70s. Now there are very very few Italian monarchist politicians scattered among modern right-winged and left-winged Parties.

It's sad, I know, but it's all true... T.T

[I'm sorry for my poor English and for my huge post, but I had a lot of things to say. I'm Italian, I'm interested in the Royal House of Italy (House of Savoy), I wish Italy could be a Kingdom again, I'm a newbie and I find this Web-site really great, especially the forum section! I found many informations and many great pics here, thanks!]