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How Has Alexey Affected YOUR Life?

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Grand Duchess Marishka:
Just would like to know. I've done the same topic for Olga, if you'd like to see it under her name. Some people have interesting ideas...I mean emotionally. So...To me, well, I've become a more devoted Christian, generally a better person looking off of his life and trying to follow his examples.
Smart boy too, I'd wager. I've even taken the time to talk to other people and ask them about what they do. I know it's naive of me, but it's something sweet Alexey would do to his neighbors. Of course, then he always made friends. And I think it works wonderfully!

I thank God for the example of patience, faith, love and humility He has provided us in the Tsarevich.  To me Alexei Nikolaevich is not only a saint but a good example of how to handle the stuff that never seems to go away.  I love him very much.

How has Alexei affected my life...well, he turned it all around. He has been such an example for me in these last four years, and also such a blessing. I definately consider him a role model for me and my future. There will always be a place for Alexei in my heart.

I don't think he's affected me at all. One person who did, though--his mum.

He's helped me to think twice about my actions, and I consider him a guardian angle, so when I am in a crisis I look to him, and something always turns up to make it right again.

I think he likes to play jokes on me too though LOL. Like when I was gone at Skate America this weekend, when it was over my friend Ruby and I went out to wait for her father and niether of our cell phones would work, when they worked fine in the arena. We went inside and tried walking around for a signal but didn't get one. Finally we walked out and went to the parking lot and there was the blasted signal LOL.


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