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Hi everyone,

I've looked through the Peterhof website (run by the Russian Government) and so far I've been able to discern that Peterhof consists of the Great Peterhof Palace, the Grotto, the Hermitage, the Marly Palace, the Monplasir Palace, the Cottage Palace, the Strelna Palace, and a museum dedicated to the Benois Family.

Can anyone tell me whether or not there were any other palaces or notable buildings that had been standing before the German occupation? Also, can anyone shed some light on what specifically each palace within the Peterhof complex was used for? It'd be wonderful if someone could also please tell me how often this was used in the times of Nicholas II (was this his official residence, or was that the Winter Palace?).

Would anyone also happen to have a floorplan of the Great Peterhof Palace itself?

Sorry to bombard the board with so many questions but I simply can't find out this information.

Museums in the Peterhof Comlex today:

1 The Great Peterhof Palace   
2 The Special Treasury Museum   
3 The Grottoes   
4 The Hermitage Pavillion   
5 The Marly Palace 
6 Monplaisir   
7 The Bath House and The Assembly Hall
8 The Catherine Block
9 The Aviaries with birds
10 The Museum of Imperial Yachts
11 The Cottage Palace
12 The Gothic Chapel   
13 The Exhibition “The Imperial Bicycles”
14 The Museum of Collectors   
15 The Museum of Fountains   
16 The Benois Family Museum
17 Tsaritsin and Olgin Pavillions

18 The Strelna Travel Palace (wooden)
19 Exhibition in the Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna (Palace of Congressis)

Peterhof museums in 1920th-1930th:

1 The Great Peterhof Palace 
with the Palace Chapel (under restoration today) and the East Olgin Wing (interiors not exist)  
2 The Hermitage Pavillion   
3 The Marly Palace 
4 Monplaisir   
5 The Bath House and The Assembly Hall
6 The Catherine Block
7 The Cottage Palace
8 The Gothic Chapel   
9 Tsaritsin Pavillion

10 The Lower Palace (ruin, under restoration)
11 The Farm Palace (under restoration today)
12 The carriages of the Imperial Trains (not exist)   
13 The Pink Pavillion Ozerki (ruin)
14 The Own Dacha (interiors do not remain)
15 The English Palace (ruin)
16 The Birch House (not exist)

Aerial views of Marly Palace, Peterhof, Saint Petersburg
It was a long walk down to the sea past the palace for us!



Click on the map in the post below to zoom in to see #17 - Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich’s Small House near the Cottage in Alexandria Park, Peterhof and photographs of its restoration today




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