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Olga and Tatiana at Court Events

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What would they have worn to a ball or another type of big event? Especially Olga and Tatiana since they were the oldest? And why did Alexandra almost always dress them alike?  

Alexandra dressed them alike because she was dressed like her sisters as a child.

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It seems that the Grand duchesses wore the Court dresses for all the great events which took place in the Great palaces (Catherine's palace, Winter palace, AP).. and not for the little events (easter in AP for example or balls in Livadia or peterhof...) in that case, they only wore simple dresses...I have noticed that they were very often white-dressed...Perhaps because their mother loved this colour..

Olga was the only daughter who ever got to go to a ball. Tatiana came with her on one of them but I don't think she got to dance. In those days, you had to be 17, or was it 16, before you could go to a ball, so the younger girls were not old enough by the time the balls were stopped in 1914 because of the war, and tragically never resumed.

At 16 the girls were considered old enough to wear their hair up and go to dances. :) The red sashes are of the Order of St. Catherine, and so are the little stars.


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