Author Topic: Reliability of Anecdotes  (Read 2311 times)

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Reliability of Anecdotes
« on: September 23, 2017, 10:53:49 AM »
I've noticed a lot of people on here, when reading an anecdote about the Imperial children, dismiss it entirely if it's out of character or only reported by one person and has no more evidence supporting it's reliability. If a passing person saw one of the Grand Duchesses or Alexei saying or doing something in Tsarskoe Selo or the Crimea or even at one of the White Flower Festivals at Yalta and wrote it down to remember and then later on recalled it to someone, people on here dismiss it entirely because the person either didn't know them or no one else has wrote anything like that about them so it must be wrong.

The ones clearly made up by websites about them I don't mean because it's obvious they're getting or making up false information but others could have potentially happened but we dismiss them because only one person wrote about it or they didn't know them.

I'm not talking about ones that have clearly been debunked by people here or others outside of the forum.

I'm just saying it's something I've noticed and we could be missing out on little anecdotes if we keep dismissing them plainly because we keep making them out to be angels without any flaws or because only one person couldn't have witnessed such a thing.
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