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Royal Hohenzollern - German Used?

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Someone just asked me about the dialect of German which the Royal Hohenzollern's spoke to one another.

My first impluse was to say they spoke the new High German, which was being used in universities,   around the turn of the 1900s.

There were many kinds of dialects spoken throughout Germany [Prussia] and the areas they ruled.  

What did they speak?

What did they speak in court?

Did they speak it among themselves?

What did Tsarina Alexandra speak with her family?

What German did Nicholas II speak?

Did Queen Victoria speak German with her husband?

Anyone know where I should look for some or all of these answers?



German was Queen Victoria's mother tongue, so I think she and Albert spoke German.
About the dialect, that's a good question. I have no idea, but I would think that they spoke high German.
Viktoria Luise wrote in her books that the family spoke very much English at home.


A letter from Viktoria Luise to her father - In English

This is an interesting one. Even today some regional accents are more "hoffähig" - socially acceptable - than others. I would guess that southern german accents were more commonly used at court than in the north.

So the Hapsburgs and the Wittlesbachs had strong regional accents! The King of Saxony spoke sächsisch.

I can't imagine that the Hohenzollerns spoke with a Berlin accent though. My guess is that they spoke Hochdeutsch  - the "best" German which is spoken in the northern German region around Hanover.


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I can't imagine that the Hohenzollerns spoke with a Berlin accent though.
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Nor can I - haha. KAiser Wilhelm II definitely spoke standard German, at least in public.


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