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Marie Antoinette and Axel Fersen

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I want to know more about relation of Marie Antoinette and Axel Fersen. Will somebody help me?

There´s a short biography of Axel Fersen (how he met Marie Antoinette):

Axel Fersen was born 4. september 1755 in Stockholm, a son of count Frederick (or Friedrich) Axel Fersen and Hedwig Catherine de La Gardie. His father was one of the most influential men in Sweden.
Axel has a unforgetable face, especially for women. He has dark, velvet eyes with melancholic look, he was tall and slim, his shoulders were wide. But he was very restrained, silent and discreet.
In june 1770 15-years-old Axel with his tutor go to "great journey over the Europe".
19. november 1773 was Axel introduced to French royal family, including Marie Antoinette.

I think the book by Stanley Loomis the "Fatal Frienship" is a brilliant book which looks at the relationship between MA and Fersen.  :)

I don't believe they were lovers but very cose friends.

I think Fersen was probably in love with MA. He certainly never got over her death as his journal recounts.  :'(

I read one letter from Antoinette to Axel (if you want, I can send it here), but this letter is only uncensored letter. In 1877-78 Rudolph Moritz Klinckowstrom published censored letters of his uncle and French queen.
And did you hear about Eleonora Sullivan? Axel met she in America, after he left France and (I read) fell in love with she.

Yes I believe he was in love with Eleonora Sullivan and wanted her to leave her husband but she refused :-/. He later wrote that she could never replace Marie Antoinette in his heart :(.

It was a shame Rudolph Moritz Klinckowstrom censored the letters! :)


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