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Marie Antoinette and Axel Fersen

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No, they are from Helga Thom´s book. I translated it from Slovak language (if you know this language). But I have another letters and extracts from Axel´s diary that I send there. Just a minute...

...there they are (in my translation, not very good)

(27. December 1790, Axel Fersen to his sister Sophie)

"Finally, 24. I spent with her (queen) all day. It was my first day with her. You can imagine my pleasure. Only you know, what I felt..."

(28. June 1791, after failed escape from France, Marie Antoinette to Axel)

"I´m still alive... But I´m worrying of you... Please, don´t come. They knows, that you help us with our escape. If you come, everything will be lost. They keep us every day and night... Goodbye..."

(13. February 1792, from Axel Fersen´s diary)

"I went to queen. Along the usually route. I was afraid of National Guard. Her apartment was beatiful. I don´t see the king. I stayed there."

(Next day Axel met king and tried to talk with him about another plan to escape. But Louis XVI. refused and said: "All of the world left me." Then Axel take leave of Marie Antoinette. He never saw her again.)

(after execution of Louis XVI. Axel wrote to his diary)

"If I can do something for her rescue, I think, I suffer fewer than now. But do nothing and only praying, it´s terrible for me."


--- Quote ---I think the book by Stanley Loomis the "Fatal Frienship" is a brilliant book which looks at the relationship between MA and Fersen.  :)

I don't believe they were lovers but very cose friends.

I think Fersen was probably in love with MA. He certainly never got over her death as his journal recounts.  :'(
--- End quote ---

Eddie is right it is an excellent book on the Flight to Varennes and the doomed couples relationship.Fersen died an horrific death.

Yes, Count Fersen died a terrible death, torn to pieces by a mob. He died in the manner which Marie-Antoinette had so dreaded would happen to herself, almost as if in her place.

I read that Axel Fersen was lathered to death. Is it true?


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