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Marie Antoinette and Axel Fersen

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They may have been in love, but not lovers in the physical sense, IMHO - as Antonia Fraser points out in 'the Journey', as Queen of France, Marie-Antoinette had no privacy whatsoever - there simply couldn't have been any secret trysts or anything of the kind! I also just can't see MA as an adulterous kind of woman.

This is only uncensored letter, it wrote Marie-Antoinette to Axel 4. july 1791, after failed escape from France:

"I only can say that I love you... I´m all right, don´t worry of me, but I´d love to know how are you. Please, write me in cipher, my address can write your lord in waiting... And write me, to how person I must address my letters to you, because I can´t live without it. Goodbye, my bonniest and most loving man from all people. I hug you from all of my heart."

(I hope this is right translation of letter, because my English is not very good...)

Thanks Marie-Liesl! Your English is wonderful!  :D

I think the first line of the letter confirms their feelings for each other!  ;D

There is picture of Axel Fersen:


Are those letters in the queen's handwriting?


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