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Re: Succession Laws
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"hat in heaven's name does this have to do with the Fundamental Law? "

You are so naive ::)
Kiryll took about Fundamental Law connect with non-equal marriage only early 1930.

His action against Romanovs was foolish behavior.

"Oh, and the Cheka? "

We know today that Chekaa have a strong influence in Vladimirovich family.

I will warn you once about this - do not make personal remarks to me or anyone else. You are welcome to disagree with anyone's opinions. All I asked you was what your point was - and instead of answering me, you try to insult me,

I am also warning you not to post snide accusations about the Vladimirovichi without any substantiation. It is irresponsible on a scholarly level and reprehensible on a personal level.


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Re: Succession Laws
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Re: Succession Laws
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Illustrious Prince,

I believe that the problem with your posts is your lack of familiarity with the English language. Please post in French so that we can understand you more exactly.