Author Topic: Kaiser Wilhelm I & Augusta of Saxe-Weimar  (Read 101234 times)

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Re: Kaiser Wilhelm I & Augusta of Saxe-Weimar
« Reply #105 on: February 26, 2016, 03:29:15 PM »
So, considering that Elisa Radziwill died without issue (with the possible exception of this Agnes Dettmann), have you compared the Dettmann DNA with that of legitimate descendants of Wilhelm I, i.e. royals or legitimate descendants of royals?

There is evidence that Prince Wilhelm and Elisa Radziwill had at least two children, and possibly three. Agnes went to Australia and a later son went to South Africa. DNA tests confirm that descendants of those families have matching DNA segments. Both families also have DNA matches to another descendant of Wilhelm, but not Elisa.  That line is from another illegitimate son of Wilhelm (born after his marriage to Augusta) but that family is in contact with members of the ex-royal line, who are considering the possibility of their own DNA tests.

A poster suggested that Elisa could not have had children because of ill-health, namely tuberculosis. It now seems likely that some of her bouts of ill-health were actually pregnancies.