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Basic facts of Tsarskoe Selo

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I know very little about the basic facts of Tsarskoe Selo, and was hoping people could help me…

The geographical size of T.S?

How many private residences, public buildings, Palaces and other infrastructure was present by 1918?

Etc etc

Thank you


Currently, the Town of Pushkin population is approximately 109,000 residents. One of the largest employers in Pushkin is the Tsarskoe Selo Museum - Reserve, the Catherine Palace and Park – a major contributor to Pushkin’s economy via tourism.  

Here is a link to the Town of Pushkin Chamber of Commerce webpage for additional info:


In 1910, the Tsarskoe Selo population numbered 30,881, distributed as follows:

By social classes:
Nobility 2,897
Clergy 315
Honorary citizens 891
Merchants 237
Petty Bourgeoisie 2,877
Peasants 14,758
German colonists (Russian subjects) 39
Military 6,790
Retired military & their families 1,655
Foreigners 222
Other 200

By religion:
Russian Orthodox 27,284
Catholics 2,261
Armenians 52
Old-Believers 110
Lutherans 899
Jews 236
Muslims 89

By sex:
Male 18,444
Female 12,437

During the summer season, the population increased by 7,000 vacationers and season workers.

Source: http://kfinkelshteyn.narod.ru/Tzarskoye_Selo/Statistika1.htm

Wow thanks for the facts. Very interesting. :D


--- Quote from: Mike on March 10, 2006, 01:19:14 PM ---In 1910, the Tsarskoe Selo population numbered 30,881, distributed as follows:


Source: http://kfinkelshteyn.narod.ru/Tzarskoye_Selo/Statistika1.htm

--- End quote ---

Source would be S. Viltchkovsky "Tsarskoe Selo" page 273


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