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The current Imperial Prince Charles Napoleon will be running for a political position in 2007. This is his website for the canpaign: http://cscorse.ifrance.com/

House Bonaparte 1799-2004 family tree in PDF: http://www.homar.org/genealog/pagina.asp?pag=frc20

The Prince Napoleon, leader of the Imperial claimants was married to Beatrice, a Bourbon Two Sicilies Princess. That makes their son Jean both Bonaparte and Bourbon. They had two kids but divorced. He remarried and has one daugther and one adopted daughter with his new wife Jeanne Francoise Valliccioni.

Hello, My name is Britta and I am also very interested in the Bonaparte family and the descendants. Unfortunately there are not so many people with this interest, especially not in Germany.
I also like Charles Napoleon a lot, and know a lot of him by the time. I had also  a very short contact to him and wanted to interview him, but it got lost , he did not answer me any more :'(

I think it is quite a pity that there are hardy photos of his family. I never saw good picture of Jean Christophe, his son, who must be almost twenty by the time, and of his youngest daughter Sophie there are no pictures at all.
It is a pity, because other royals like those in England ( I am not  a fan of them, sorry for saying that) are always in the newspapers.
Do you have any indeas where to find pictures of Charles family? Especially his son Jean?
I really have a lot of symphathy for the person Charles, his ancestry, his interesting career, his appearance...everything, he loooks very elegant because of his tall size. Also his father Louis was very tall, I saw him in old versions of "point de Vue" from the 70´s and 80´s and he always had to look down for other people ;)

Do you have any idea, how to find pictures of his family?

I am writing at an article about Marie Bonaparte, greatgranddaughter of Lucien Bonaparte and had a phone conversation with her grandson in Italy. Unfortunately he is very busy, but a very kind person.

  If you have information on Bonaparte- pictures I would be thankful for a reply.



Hello, Britta!


 - there you will find some photos of Bonaparte family, included Napoleon´s parents, but there is not a picture of Charles Napoleon and his children.


thanks for the link, I already know this site, it is very good and I like it a lot. ;)

I am a crazy person, I have already painted fifty portraits of the family...but Charles´ children are still missing...

There are sometimes very good infos and pictures in old versions of  the french point de vue magazine. Even of the Walewskis (illegitimate descendance of Napoleon I) and the Murats (from Caroline of Neaples)

Sometimes it is sold at Ebay.

But it´s a pity that I never say Jean Christophe!

I think I´ll write to Charles again, I think he is very busy...

Again Thanks!! ;)


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