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Re: Crown Princess Victoria
« Reply #495 on: April 29, 2018, 05:42:16 AM »
Royal #metoo in Sweden!
Swedish newspapers report that Crown Princess Victoria was harassed by Jean-Claude Arnault, French-Swedish photographer, theatre director and general leading personality on the cultural scene. He allegedly put his hand on her rear during an official function in 2007. This was observed by several others, including the King (himself allegedly guilty of similiar behaviour with waitresses), who tasked the Secretary of the Swedish Academy with preventing Arnault from ever being alone with the Crown Princess.

The revelation comes connected to a huge scandal where Arnault, married to Swedish Academy member Katarina Frostenson, is accused of large-scale corruption (including selling the Swedish Academy's choice of Nobel Laureate in Literature to the media before the official announcement for seven years) and harassing a number of women connected to the Academy. Several members of the Swedish Academy have resigned in protest due to internal quarrels, the King has been brought in to restore order (as the academy's high protector) and it's unsure if the Academy will be able to name a Nobel Laureate in Litterature this year!
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