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First off - Excellent site.
I don't know where else to post this, but does anyone have any information about the Tsar's train(s)?

The Imperial Train wagons that Nicholas II abdicated in were kept at Peterhof after the revolution.  There was a revolutionary display with a platform and slogans.  It was left behind during the German occupation, but the items from it were rescued.  After the recovery of Peterhof by Soviet forces the train cars were found in terrible condition.  I don't know what happened to them after that.  A reconstruction of the train car was made and used in a Soviet film of the late 50's or 60's.  It was an amazing recreation.  One of the two men who accepted Nicholas's abdication remained in Rusia after the revolution and the film was his recollections of the event years later.

Chris Snyder:
The Tsar actually had two Pullman trains.  On the outside, both were identical, which was to detour assasins.   The actual train that the Tsar and his family travelled in was much more luxurious of course.  The train consisted of many cars.  There was a dining car stocked with a complete kitchen, icebox, wine room and a dining room that could seat 20.  There were cars for servants, tutors, and the ladies and gentleman in-waiting to the family.  A panelled lounge car provided an elegant meeting place for the members of the imperial suite.  There were cars that contained the rooms of the Grand Duchesses and of Tsarevich Alexis, including thier school rooms.  The Tsar had a car for his study, and Alexandra even had a smaller version of her mauve boudoir on the train!  The outer color of the train was royal blue with the golden eagles on the outside.  I have pieced most of this information together from various books I have, and I do not think that there is a website yet that has much information about the Tsars trains.

Thanks a lot guys.  I recall reading in the manual for "The Last Express" (a fantastic computer adventure game which i heartily recommend to anyone interested in the pre-war period or train travel in general) that the Tsar had used the Orient Express (it suggested that he did not use it travelling incognito but attached his cars to the train). From several things Chris says this sounds highly unlikely - can anyone confirm or refute this?

I have around ten photographs of the interiors of the private rooms of the trains.  I have always meant to put them up, but it would be a lot of work and I was hoping to have more of them and a better understandiing of the interiors before doing it.

I don't think Nicholas travelled on a train anywhere incognito.  The Okrana would never have permitted it when he was Tsar and his father would not have allowed it when he was alive.  Don't you agree?


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