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The Yusupov fortune - what happened after 1917 ?

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Hello   8)
I heard Felix had some Rembrandt paintings, but I didnt found which one exactly, (??)
And maybe u know his favourite composer, well may be we have the same taste....
Thanks  :-*

Forum Admin:
They came from the Moika Palace, in St. Petersburg. Felix did not purchase them, they were acquired by the Yussupov family in about 1800. Felix took them out of their frames and carried them out of Russia during the Revolution.  He later sold them in 1921. They are both now in the National Gallery in Washington DC.

"Portrait of a Gentleman in a Tall Hat with Gloves"

"Portrait of a Lady with an Ostrich Feather Fan"

Did he sell them? I somehow had the idea he was con and did not get a penny out of them..

Arturo Vega-Llausás

Forum Admin:
Yes, he sold them in 1921 to Joseph Widener, who later donated them to the National Gallery in 1942.

In Greg's book, it tells the story that Widener tricked Felix and did not give him any money. He was supposed to sell them for him, but he ripped him off. In 1923, Felix and Irina came to NY and sued Widener, but lost. Widener then donated the paintings later. On that same trip, Irina also lost some of her jewels she was bringing to America to sell when they were confiscated by coustoms as part of the Crown jewels. Felix and Irina were so low on funds they were reduced to taking scraps from a resturant their gypys friend was singing at, she'd bring them home to them at night, like you do for your dog. They later returned to Europe.


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