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Re: Holy Roman Emperor Matthias
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I must confess that my book is sometimes rather in a style of a biographical novel, divided into different chapters. On page 280 in the German version is says that Rudolf II "let paint for himself four portraits of four possible brides", if must have been after 1603, when he was still unmarried and only had two illigitimate children, two sons (One as I said committed suicide) In fact it doesn´t seem that Rudolf II. ever wanted to marry any of the princesses, he rather only wanted to have the portaits as he was a passionate collector of precious art. In the book it said that the four possible brides were Giulia d´Este, Archduchess Anna, daughter of his uncle Ferdinand, the Princess of Württemberg (which?), and Margarethe of Savoy.  Hans von Aachen, who painted the one of Giulia d´Este described her as a very intelligent and beautiful woman, even Alessandro d´Este, the possible bride´s uncle, wanted Rudolf II. to catch his niece´s attention, but Rudolf let him come and go without any promise concerning a marriage. The emperor then kept the portraits of the four princesses and never married any of them.
Is there any picture of Anna´s sister, who was a nun?
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