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I think the Palace in Oreanda deserves some attention. :)

The construction of the Palace for Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, spouse of Emperor Nikolay I, began in 1842 by famous acrhitect Andrey Schtakenschneider.
Today we can't imagine all the splendour of this Palace as it was burnt up in 1882 and never re-edified. The Palace was 2 storied high,in Classic style,had the Atrium and resembled Belveder (in Peterhof).

There is no detail info or pictures of the interiors, all is khown that the finery was in Pompeian (Greek) architectural style. Since 1860 year GD Konstantin Nikolayevitch became the owner of the Palace , he personally fought a fire in 1882 . Grand Duke did not have enough money for reconstruction of the burnt-to-ashes Palace and just decided to build a church near the ruins.After the WW II the ruins were demounted and in 1948 on the place was built a health resort.

Here is the floorplan of the ground floor (1860).

1 - Dining room
2 - Hall
3 - Vestibule
4 - Drawing room (Reception room)
5 - Working Study
6 - Bedroom
7 - Atrium
8 - Room for Officers on duty
9 - Room for Officers on duty
10 - Dressing room
11 - Inner courtyard

Though there are a few pictures of the Palace and some of its ruins. I have 2 or 3 pictures and post them later. If anyone also has the images of Oreanda please post . :)

Ruin after 1882 fire :


Fantastic view ...

Do you know it the building on the left is the building GD Konstantin Nikolayevitch and his family used after the big palace burned down in 1882?  The new book, Gilded Prism, also mentions that besides living in "the wooden dacha" the family used the "Villa Tiesenhausen" for entertaining.  Do you know anything about either?


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