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Can anyone shed more light on GD George, brother of the last Tsar? As someone who has read extensively about the Romanovs, I find that he is one figure who remains more or less in the shadows - we all know about his illness, his close companionship with his elder brother and last days in the Caucaus - but i was rather surprised to read Peter Kurth's assertion in The Last Tsar that he was a homosexual, along with many other near relations - uncles & cousins far beyond Grand Dukes Sergei Alexandrovitch, Konstantin Konstantinovitch, Alexis Michailovitch, Ernest of Hesse & the Greek & Danish relations. In fact, the literature seems to suggest that perhaps it ran in the Vladimir clan as well. Peter Kurth even goes as far as to say that before the sabre attack on Tsarevitch Nicholas in Japan, that he & his Greek cousin George visited an all-male brothel. Is any of this true, and what is this information based on - documents in the Russian archives, diaries, letters or just hear-say?

Well now, to perhaps open a few minds..homosexuality is not hereditary. So it did not  "run" in any particular branch of any family.  Any large, extended family is bound by the simple statistics to have a few gay/lesbian members.
As far as the "all male brothel".  I think this is often mis-understood. In Japan, public bathhouses were/are pretty common. They are, of course, sexually segregated.  I rather doubt that the reality is the same as conjured up in current imagination. Actually, public baths are still pretty common in Eastern Europe.

As in any extremely large extended family there are a few gays and lesbians sprinkled here and there in the family tree. As Robert said, being gay does not run in the family.

There are so many family members of the Romanov clan that I would love to discover more about.


I think the intent of the initial statement was not meant to offend anyone, or to express any disdain toward homosexuality, but rather to find out the source behind the statments alledged by Mr. Kurth, as no other publication about the family suggests, never mind states, what Mr. Kurth states about either of the Georges. I too have found much here and there in the literature about the Saxe-Coburgs as well as the Romanovs to suggest that alot of homosexual activity occured among many of the male royalty of the day - regardless of their true sexual orientation. A Fatal Passion also strongly suggests that GD Victoria (Ducky) was doubley struck by lightening in both her marriages in this regard by discovering some shocking secrets about her husbands. By the way, I should add that the Orthodox Church does not condemn an individual who is homosexual, just as it does not condemn one who is heterosexual. Rather, what is seen as a failing is one who gives into temptation & acts upon one's desire. The following article say it all - please read it http://www.orthodox.net/articles/homosexuality.html Does this clear the air?


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