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Folks, I would like to ask if anyone knows about Pushkin 194Xs during occupation, some stories with photos. I found some information, during occupation it was several Divisions, one of them: Blue Division (Spanish DivisiĆ³n Azul), also known as 250. Infanterie-Division.

One of the relics of German occupation of Pushkin during World War II is a graveyard located in front of the Alexander Palace. German soldiers who were killed during this time were buried in front of the AP, where one of German headquarters was also housed. After the town was liberated, the graves stayed put and were never repatriated. Today, they are camouflaged beneath a large round flowerbed, with no plaque that may mention of what is still there. Rare documentation of this graveyard can be found in the Museum of the History of the Town of Tsarskoe Selo, where an archival photo and a painting of the graveyard are displayed.

German side
96 Infantry-Division (Part of XXXXII /42/ Armeekorps)

Under command of Generalfeldmarschall Ernst Busch  (Jan 1940 - 12 Oct 1943)
121 Infantry-Division

250 Infantry-Division
Division of Spanish volunteers

XXXXI. /41/  Army Corps (mot.) / Panzerkorps 

129 Inf.Div. (most)

35 Inf.Div.

36 Inf.Div.

Russian Side

70th Rifle Division Pushkin
72th Rifle Division Pushkin

From the APTM, a photo of the Alexander Palace after the German occupation:


I was wondering which room in the AP is this?


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