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Poetry about Tsarskoe Selo
« on: August 23, 2006, 08:42:43 AM »
A lot of poetry has been written about Tsarskoe Selo, also known as "The Town of Muses".

Here are some of them (in Russian). If anyone is interested, I can attempt to translate them.

"In Tsarskoe Selo" by V. Komarovsky (1912):

"Every town has its own fate, just like every person..." by E. F. Gollerbach:

"The Statue of Tsarskoe Selo" by A. Akhmatova:

"In Tsarskoe Selo" by A. Akhmatova (1911):

"Before the Pushkin Memorial in Tsarskoe Selo" by V. Paley (10 September, 1916):


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Re: Poetry about Tsarskoe Selo
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2006, 03:19:53 PM »
I had lots of time today, so I was able to translate these. They lose quite a bit in translation, but there is nothing that can be done about that... I am not sure what some of these mean (in color), maybe someone else can elaborate.

In Tsarskoe Selo (Komarovsky)

I traded Piter, smoggy and sooty,
For a daily walk on Bulvarnaya.

Each evening passed in friendly conversations,
Take pleasure in freedom - it won't be there twice!

Serenity heals a model Tsarskoselite
Who takes slow walks, rid of evil,
In the linden alleys of the skeptical Minerva-

Here on the white docks, where the First Alexander,
While dreaming of disappearing from this world as a wanderer, 
Put on his gloves and called to the swans.
Tossing crumbs of white bread,

Illumination does not light up the “ploshki”,
While the great bronze Lyceist is obscured.

But here, above the Tyutchev, a "rusty leaf" is circling,
And maybe, Lermontov once galloped along this alley?.... 


Every city has its destiny, as does each person...

And very special fate
has Tsarskoe Selo

Here, all is distinct,
not llike the rest of the world...

And even the air is very different -
in it is Pushkin's freshness
and spicy aftertaste of symbolism...

Here Literature herself is blooming,
do you hear the rustling of favorite books
and the rustling of wings.


The Statue of Tsarskoe Selo

Already maple leaves
Are falling into the swan pond,
And the bushes look bloody
With unhurriedly maturing mountain ash.
And dazzlingly willowy,
Her legs tucked under and never chilled,
On a northern rock, she
Sits and watches the roads.


In Tsarskoe Selo (Akhmatova)

Through the alley they lead little horses.
Long waves of brushed maines.
Oh, captivating town of mysteries,
I am sad, having fallen for you.

It is strange to remember: my soul was longing,
Gasping for air in death’s delirium.
Now I have become like a toy,
Like my pink friend cockatoo.

The chest is not crushed with premonition,
If you wish, look into my eyes.
I always disliked the hour before twilight,
The wind from the sea, and the words "go away".

A swarthy youth wandered in the alleys,
Longing on the shores of the pond,
This century we savored
Hardly hearing the rustle of footsteps.

Pine needles thick and sharp
Cover low tree stumps....
Here lied his hat
And a worn out volume of “Pariya”.


In front of the Pushkin Memorial in Tsarskoe Selo (Paley)

The autumn day invites sad daydreams,
All is still… a yellow leaf is floating,
And in that ever unchanging – tranquil pose,
Daydreams the Inspirational Lyceist.

Oh, my idol! Radiant instructor,
To whom I owe so much!
I stand before you – grateful,
In the dim brilliance of a cloudy day.   

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Naslednik Norvezhskiy

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Re: Poetry about Tsarskoe Selo
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2010, 10:56:09 PM »
Wonderful! Thanks! This thread deserves to be bumped up!


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Re: Poetry about Tsarskoe Selo
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2010, 02:35:07 PM »
Dear Helen, your translations are beautiful.

Perhaps you have found your second calling!

It is very difficult indeed to translate Russian poetry into English, anyone who has tried it knows that something is always and irretrievably lost in translation. It depends on the translator, though, how much of the original is lost.

You, unlike so many others, have truly worked wonders in translating the overall feeling, tone, and atmosphere of these poems, without which no meaning, much less beauty could ever be conveyed.

If I were a Russian poet right now, wanting to break into the Western, English-speaking book market, I would definitely consult with you!


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Re: Poetry about Tsarskoe Selo
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2010, 04:00:40 PM »
These poems are beautiful!  :'(