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Re: Tsar Peter II of Russia
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Re: Tsar Peter II of Russia
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UPD! A links to all video. But it's only russian language:

1 ep - "The Last Will of Emperor" - Peter I (1725)
2 ep - "The Last Will of Empress" - Ekaterina/Catherine I (1725-1727)
3 ep - "I'm Emperor!" - Peter II (1727)
4 ep - "Downfall of Goliath" - (Alexandr Menshikov) Peter II (1727)
5 ep - "The second bride  of Emperor" - Peter II (1728-1729)
6 ep - "The death  of young Emperor" - Peter II (1729-1730)
7 ep - "Vivat, Anna!" - Anna (1730-1935)
8 ep - "The princess hunting" - Anna (1736)

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Peter II homosexuality in the palace
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It has been said that Peter II who dies at 15 was of course obliged to marry and both the Maria daughter of Menshikov were being fostered on him and the sister of Ivan Dolgorukov, Catherine. He like Elizabeth the daughter of Peter who was proposed for him by Peter Tolstoy  as well. He called the sister of Ivan a porcelain doll. But it is said that he loved ivan Dolgorukov who was handsome and it was even suggested that he and Elizabeth both shared him. Is this true?

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Re: Peter II homosexuality in the palace
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I doubt this is true.

Peter II Alexievich was a teen aged Emperor whose father was imprisoned and who was then subject to the control of courtiers such as Menshikov and Dolgoruki. He was controlled by them and by the alcohol that his handlers fed him.

It is doubtful that he ever had the chance to figure out his sexuality because both factions thrust women of their own families at Peter in an attempt to further control the boy.

His is a tragic story and with his death, childless, the direct male line of Peter the Great became extinct.