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It's been quiete in this department over the past year,but this month an "avalange" (5) of books is to be published by dutch authors.

One of the most interesting is the one by author Reinildus van Ditzhuyzen on the life and times of Juliana von Stolberg,mother of William the Silent;
"Deine getreuwe Mutter allezeit".The autor had access to the Stolberg family archieves and private collections of paintings and portraits,so many of
the images have never been published before.It is a german edition btw,which means in this case that it's written both in german and dutch.

On oct.18th HRH Princess Máxima will receive the first copy of "The Pearls and the Crown,the Royal House and the Colonies" published by Gert Oostindië,
director of the Royal Institute of Language & Anthropology.

"Hortense,the forgotten Queen of Holland" will be published on oct.23rd,author Thera Coppens gives a very detailed and intimate view on the life of this
"first Queen of Holland" (who actually only stayed 4 months here...).

Peter v/d Vorst,dutch rag journalist,tv commentator...(and disliked by Prince W-A) wrote;"The Oranges,just like ordinary people",
and that is to be published on oct.25th.

And today "Operation Nature",a tribute to the Nature preservation life of Prince Bernhard,will be published highlighting 12 of the extensive journeys the
late Prince made on behalve of the World Wildlife Fund,of which he was co-founder and President of the International WWF and president of the dutch
branch for decades(1961-2004).All in all 240 pages of interesting reading material and near 800 pictures.


The new and extensive book on Soestdijk Palace and its inhabitants throughout the centuries was presented at Soestdijk Palace today.
Prof.mr.Pieter van Vollenhoven received the first copy.Pieter is married to the third child,HRH Princess Margriet,of the late Queen Juliana
and Prince Bernhard who lived at the Palace since 1937 till they both died in 2004.Since 2006 it is open as a museum and as such will
remain open throughout 2010,after which it is not certain what the Palace will be used for.It doesn´t belong to the RF,Queen Juliana
sold it to the State in 1971.


courtesy ppe

An extensive book on highly respected and loved Pieter van Vollenhoven,husband of Princess Margriet,will be published soon.

As will this book;"The Knight and the Grandduchess",on the "Art and Lives of King Willem II and Queen Anna Pavlovna":

courtesy hja

This month sees an avalange of books on the Dutch Royal Family.

There's ;" Impressions on a fascinating life - Prof.mr.Pieter van Vollenhoven",

not exactly a ' bible' on one of the most revered Royals here,he is married to Princess Margriet,but a funny
book of anecdotes on occasion of his 70th birthday on april 30th.

" The Royal Photo album - The Oranges in pictures in the 20th century" with loads of lovely and interesting pics.

" Juliana '',on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late Queen,Queen Beatrix will open an exhibition
at Het Loo Palace,Juliana's childhood home,on what used to be her birthday,april 30th.
This book goes with the exhibition:

" Soestdijk Palace - Three centuries of Orange - Nassaus ",is a absolute must,a "Bible" on the Family.

And some more.

The one on Maxima called The Argentinian Years was burned down bu both press as well as public since it contains more errors
,most annoying factual errors,then any other book previously publushid on the Royals.In fact the book is not worth of being called
that,but publicity is publicity so it is a numero two bestseller anyway.tells a lot on the sort of people who buy that crap,
the rag generation.


courtesy hja

Not just books but also TV series are plenty.A brandnew serie on Prince Bernhard starts tomorrow,monday:' Scoundrel of Orange".That says about all.Still,we miss this "scoundrel" tho.The author,Thomas Ross,had to skip so much he could have easily written other volumes and scripts for more series.

Dutch actor Daan Schuurmans as young Bernhard and Eric Schneider as the older scoundrel of Orange:


Dutch Grande Dame of the stage Ellen Vogel is a formidable older Juliana:


courtesy hja :)


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