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OTMA & Irina together Pictures

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With to have seen of them only some, I find the photos where OTMA and Irina Alexandrovna pose together particulary beautiful and moving.

It's a pity really that Empress Alexandra did not let her daughters more attend the Grand Duchess Xenia's daughter because obviously, the girls seemed to appreciate themselves and get along well together.

Also, I thought of dedicating this space to them in order to gather there all the pictures where we can see OTMA and Irina together.

I thank by advance all future participants !

Yes, the cousins got along well. I think there are quite a few photos of them together. In the early years, otma saw quite a bit of Irina, although that lessened as the years went by, perhaps. But they still seem to have spent more time together than is usually assumed. Most of the photos of them seem to date from later, of otma and Irina together.


Irina sitting with Alexei, Anastasia and Marie

Pardon me, KarlandZita, but the photograph is of Alexei, Olga A, Xenia, Anastasia and two others. Marie is not in this picture and, as far as I can tell, Irina is not either.  :)


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Irina sitting with Alexei, Anastasia and Marie

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I identify those in the photos as follows:

From left to right - Tsesarevich Alexei N., Grand Duchess Olga A., Grand Duchess Anastasia N., Grand Duke Michael A., Grand Duchess Marie N. Seated in foreground - Grand Duchess Xenia A.

It appears to be a photo of the three youngest children of Alexander III with the three youngest children of their brother, HIM Emperor Nicholas II.


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