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Were there ever any twins in the in the family?

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Also, weren't there twin girls born to Grand Duchess Vera Constantinovna, who married into the Wurtemburg family?
I seem to recall that they were named Elsa and Olga and lived to adulthood.  There's a picture of them with others at Nicholas II's coronation.

But, would this count as being members of the Russian Imperial Family???


What is kind of interesting is that there were nit more twins in the family, as it was a large dynasty, especially towards the end. I think that is a rather intriguing. As for those girls you mentioned, they would most likely be considered members of the Wurtemburg family.

Does anyone have photos of these twins?? That would be appreciated.  :D

There are several pictures of Nadeshda but no of Sofia as she only lived for some hours.

Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna-elder had a miscarriage in 1889 -- twins..Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fedorovna wrote about this fact to Empress Maria Fedorovna,


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