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Crownprince Wilhelm & Crownprincess Cecilie, their family, Part I

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Carolath Habsburg:
Their four boys

Carolath Habsburg:
happy couple

They were happy indeed. After Lily Damita, Louis Ferdinand found a wife and one with royal blood as well as more stable qualities.  :)

Carolath Habsburg:
He dated Errol Flynn`s former wife?. Curious.

Yes, before she was his wife. After her marriage to famed director Michael Curtiz though. It was during his stay in the US in 1929. Newspapers even announced an engagement. Whether his feelings were that engaged (and his family stepped in to end it)  I don't know. The New York Times carried it as 'announced by the young couple themselves'. It certainly garnered a lot of press in its day though.

The Time magazine article about his book wrote that:

"Meanwhile, at 19, he fell in love with Actress Lily Damita, and exercised so hard, trying to overcome a certain stringiness of physique, that he developed heart exhaustion and had to take a two-month holiday. Lulu followed Lily to the U.S., got a job as a Ford mechanic with the romantic idea of becoming self-supporting and marrying her. Grandfather said no, however, and took up the matter with Henry Ford, as one monarch to another. Suddenly Lulu found himself in a Ford plant in Argentina to "cool off." "

He also apparently dated actress Anita Page (according to an interview with her)

Also, Anita briefly dated Prince Louis Ferdinand, the second son of Germany’s former Crown Prince. While visiting Hollywood, the prince announced that he wanted to escort Anita to the Los Angeles premiere of the Broadway musical Show Boat. When the official request came, Louis B. Mayer, knowing how protective Anita’s parents were, told the prince’s representatives, "Please, we can get you anyone else. Anyone but Anita Page." Prince Ferdinand would not relent. "I do not want anyone else," he told him.

So Mayer relayed the Prince’s request to Mr. Pomares, whose concern was that the Prince had just ended a well-publicized affair with the French beauty Lili Damita. He was not about to have a scandal involving his daughter. However, after much persuasion and cajoling from Mayer, Mr. Pomares agreed — with one stipulation. "We will allow it," he told Mayer. "Provided the prince comes over to our house and we meet him." The prince agreed and met Anita’s parents before escorting her to that evening’s performance of Show Boat. But the night was not without its mishaps.

"I was wearing a Spanish shawl," Anita recalled, "when Stepin Fetchit happened to be walking in front of me and my fringe caught on one of his buttons. There stood the prince and all his entourage, waiting for me, and here I am entangled with Stepin Fetchit."

The following day Louella Parsons noted in her column how rarely Anita attended public functions. "Anita Page finally got out — but it took a Prince to do it," the gossip columnist wrote. Louella noted that in the audience she spied Mr. and Mrs. Pomares several rows behind her daughter and the prince. She noted that they were there to make sure their daughter arrived home, properly chaperoned. "Anita will never be queen now," Louella added.


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