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Does anyone know where the Tsar was on 21st May 1908 and who he might have been with?

Best wishes,

Wartski, London

Forum Admin:
According to Spirdovitch, Nicholas was at the Alexander Palace in TS, preparing for the trip to Reval.
No details for that specific day. You might try to have the Palace records in GARF researched for his appointments that day.

21th May in which style (Calendar) : new or old?

The Julian calendar I would presume. However the reason for asking the question is we bought lot 395 of the King George I of the Hellenes sale at Christies last month. It was a silver card case by Faberge inscribed by the Tsar 'Nicky, May 21st 1908'. This could mean the Tsar was using the Western Gregorian calendar as he was writing in English

We were very lucky to get it; it was a bit of a sleeper, Christies for some reason had not identified the signature as Nicholas'.

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I think, if Nicky was in Russia, it was Russian style, if not - European.


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