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What on earth are you trying to say?  What "evidence" are you refering to?



Just so that you know....

When the poster now identifying himself "William" -- not his real name -- speaks about "hereditary genetic markings" that can seen in a number of related Royals, he is referring to a theory he has developed completely on his own that claims the male descendants of European royalty can be identified by a clearly visible crease in their earlobes.  You should also know that "William" himself has this same "hereditary genetic marking" to which he has referred in his posts.
"I will direct my comment to JK speaking with Margarita."

 JK, You say William was referring  to a theroy I so called developed completeley on my own that claims a number of related royals can be identified by clearly visible markings on the ear lobe.

I never said that, but I did say certain realted royals inherit identical marking at birth and those persons share the same ancestor that makes up the gentic bloodline.

Margarita, you had shown along with JK, what I had claimed of certain royals inheriting markings at birth, and in particular Alexie and his father Nicholas 11, of the Romanov royals, makes no sense.

I can advise with my photo evidence allready in my possesion, and thanks to you and your co writer of an article a  few years past, you have provided the clearest photo yet of Alexie showing his inherited ancestor visible markings.

But because you dont think this is real or important to the scientist doing the examination of the remains of children found, then Im sure you are not interested to know the facts even though you have kindly provided photos of proof.




No.  There's no reason to change direction yet.

Let's wait for the test results first.