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Travel season approaching, and I would like to ask: what folks would like to know, before visiting Russia/St.Petersburg/Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo)?
Also, we would like to have some travel reports, as they come.
Few advices a head:
You don't have to exchange Rubles before going to Russia: Russia today like every civilized country, have ATM (cash machines), for small fee and correct exchange rate, you will be able, safely withdraw from your account money, under any circumstances please do not exchange money, with private individuals. Citibank and other banks, just have the same name and logo, please expect from them to get charged for ATM transaction as well.
Traveling from International Terminal to St. Petersburg, if you will take a bus instead of taxi to the city less than 8 km (5 ml), you will be able to safe $50 or more. If you plan to travel to St. Petersburg only, under any circumstances do not get transit trough Moscow, because International and Domestic terminal in Moscow, located on other side of the runway, and to get shuttle for person who is first timer, even if he/she speaks Russian, will be impossible. 
Reserving hotels online, by using yahoo or expidia, is much cheaper, then calling same hotel direct.
Renting car in Russia is not recommended, please use organized tours, concierge in hotel you will be staying in, will help you to make necessary resrvations.
If you will visit Catherine Palace with tour bus, it will be faster in terms of waiting in the line, but including to the same tour visiting Alexander Palace, will be waist of money, its probably better to do on the separate tour.


Thanks for the information.   Could you please rell me, is there an ATM in Pushkin?   If so, where?   Or is it still the money exchange in Gostiny Dvor?




--- Quote from: tsaria on March 08, 2007, 01:46:22 PM ---   Could you please rell me, is there an ATM in Pushkin?   If so, where?   
--- End quote ---

I think there is one at the Catherine Palace...

Tsaria, there is an ATM on Moskovskaya next block to Gostiny - halfway to Konyushennaya on south side - signs on Orangereynaya point to location. Also at entrance to bank on Oktober Blvd. There is no ATM that is indicated in guidebooks located in the Ekaterina Palace hotel.

I have a list of ATM for Pushkin, but I will need to put it through transliteration script.


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