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Forum Admin:
 The APTM takes very seriously its use by education and so is dedicated to providing the most accurate and reliable information to users.  

The DNA testing of the Anna Andersen sample is accepted by mainstream science and historians as the end of any possibility that Anna Anderson might have been Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaievna.  For five years, we have allowed some discussion of the subject and repeatedly asked those who question the validity of the DNA testing for any genuine evidence, scientific or otherwise to support their contentions.  They to date have not provided anything beyond speculation.

As a result, we feel it is time to move on past clearly unsupported speculation and discuss genuine fact only.  There will be no further discussion permitted in this Forum that suggests Anna Anderson may have been GD Anastasia. Period. Full Stop.  We stand by previous statements that when and if genuine evidence by the scientific community is presented which does question those results, we will gladly publish it here and re-open the discussion.

If your intellectual curiosity wishes to engage in such speculative discussions, there are plenty of other resources for you out on the Web.

Thank you for your co-operation in this regard,


It should be bourne in mind that not one single accredited laboratory in the world has ever challenged Professor Gill's results. No one has ever challenged his expertise.

The results have stood up firmly with the test of time.

Speculation and dissent by non scientists is highly misplaced and discredits Professor Gill and all the professional medical scientists who participated in this scientific investigation without prejudice.

Margarita   :)

Forum Admin:
We now believe that we have been unfair in our restrictions of certain segments of discussion in the Forum.  Perhaps just to keep the "peace" we thought to try.  It is now obvious that such restrictions were unfair, and we may have treated our users unfairly as well as a result.

Therefore, we have decided that you may now discuss ANYTHING you wish, in this section,  within the usual forum guidelines regarding personal attacks, language, staying on topic, etc.

Science has proven Anna Anderson was not related to Empress Alexandra and could not have been her daughter.  THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DOUBT.  However, the diehard Anna Andersonites will never accept any evidence to contrary.  It's silly and should be embarrassing how they twist and manipulate the facts to support her totally discredited claims in ever more fantastic stories of conspiracy. Fortunately there are fewer and fewer people who believe in Anna Anderson and her fanatical devotees are seen as a fast dwindling group of obsessed eccentrics and anti-science nuts.

Forum Admin:
Now that there is no further speculation even possible, with the confirmed discovery of the remains of Alexei and his sister, we have new rules and guidelines for this entire board.

This section is now dedicated strictly to the historical discussion of those who claimed to be survivors and is NOT to be used to dispute, press or argue that anyone DID survive.  They didn't, so take the conspiracy theories and revisionist plotting elsewhere.

The discussion of whether Anna Manahan was FS may continue.  The discussion of Anna Manahan's CLAIMS may continue to examine them as part of history, the question of her having actually been ANR is totally closed.

The question of Heino Teinment et al is closed other than a historical discussion of the claims.

I direct all mods to please enforce these discussion guidelines.

Any questions, please drop me a PM or email



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